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Honlon (Junrei, Shuko, Kanan)
25 May 2009 @ 12:22 am

Comment here with your characters' names and find out what my characters fantasize about you, if they do.


Albert Silverberg
Seth Nightlord
Honlon (Kanan, Shuko and Junrei)
Jenna Angel
Ashton Anchors

For obvious reasons, very few of these will have any sexual content whatsoever ;^;b
Honlon (Junrei, Shuko, Kanan)
Hi! We don't have any apples this time, p-promise.

We're leaving very soon, but we'll be back later, and let's talk about the game then so the shepherd gives us more of our clue!
Honlon (Junrei, Shuko, Kanan)
Hey! We've gotta go out for a while, but here's a private post so we can talk later. It's unlocked to your team, the shepherd, and our team.

Because I'd like a clue that makes SENSE.
Honlon (Junrei, Shuko, Kanan)
12 May 2009 @ 11:46 am
H-hi! Um. We haven't really talked before, but we're supposed to do something in private, right? We have to leave soon, and I don't think Echo's around right now, but if you want, we can all talk about the game here a little later ... and what we've got of the clue, and everything.

A-and, um, I got confused since your partner changed, I think? I-if you tell me who they are, I can unlock this to them too.
Honlon (Junrei, Shuko, Kanan)
11 May 2009 @ 04:30 pm
We may talk privately here, about the game, our suspicions, or whatever we choose.
Honlon (Junrei, Shuko, Kanan)
17 December 2008 @ 11:08 pm
Since we now have people to suspect, it might be wise to have a place where we can discuss our options.
Honlon (Junrei, Shuko, Kanan)
05 January 2008 @ 11:06 pm
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Honlon (Junrei, Shuko, Kanan)
05 January 2008 @ 10:54 pm
Character Name: Honlon (Kanan, Shuko and Junrei)
Series: Petshop of Horrors
Character Age: Technically 1 or so! Appears as a little girl.

Canon: Welcome to Chinatown! Take in the sounds, smells, and exotic sights, and don't forget to stop by Count D's pet shop, where love and dreams are sold in the form of wondrous creatures. Like all good things in life, though, these have a catch. Upon buying a creature, customers must sign a contract containing a fixed set of rules, the breaking of which may lead to ruin, death…or worse. However, even when people are faced with these choices, not to mention a mysterious incense that causes them to see the pets in human form, a surprising number are willing to sign.

Among the creatures in the Count's menagerie are dragons, creatures whose personalities are affected by whoever handles them in the egg. Honlon is no exception, and the result is that her three heads each possess a different name and mindset. Kanan is angry, violent, and bitingly sarcastic; Junrei is childish, timid, and prone to crying; and Shuko is a reflection of Count D himself, enigmatic, wise, and a little eerie. As the three heads each have different outlooks on any situation, violent arguing tends to ensue between them—not to mention a lot of hair-pulling when Honlon is in human form. Thankfully, as a little girl, she has only one head, though this does not make conversation any less confusing.

Sample Post:

All right, you damned puny undead humans, my name is Kanan and you're making me ANGRY. How dare you kidnap me from my chambers to this miserable mudpit of a stinking swamp?! No matter now afraid you are of her, I'd like to inform you that your Director's got nothing on me, you ignorant bunch of peons. She's going to regret keeping me here, and so are you, because your puny efforts to beat me are absolutely useless! Whether it's one fish, two fish, red fish or blue fish, I can take any sea life you try to hit me with! And even if you upgrade to land creatures, it won't work! Look at me now, disappearing your cow--and where is your cow, you ask? I've eaten it n--OW! Who the heck puts gears in these things?! I'm going to make you sorry you were ever BORN!!

K-Kanan, please don't be so violent! Can't we all just get along for a minute without anybody getting hurt? I mean, I'm certain that there's a possibly terrible reason for all this, b-but if you get rid of them all, who can we ask for help to get home? S-see, maybe they'll be friendly, this one's even introducing himself ... Mr. GraaAAAaargh, I'm sorry Kanan yelled your ears off, but I'm sure if you pick them up they'll soon be good as new. Can you hear me now? If you can, then what she really meant to say was--AAAAH STOP YANKING ON OUR HAIR SOB!

And n-no, Mr. GraaAAAaargh, you misunderstand! Thinking about you doesn't make me touch myself, I just need her to stop for a minute! P-please don't come near--KYAAA!

WASN'T ONE DEFEAT ENOUGH, FOOLS?! Need I spell out the situation for you? HERE! THERE! BE! DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOONS! Trying to lay your rotten hands on us ... why, you're not even worth devouring, are you?! I might catch your apparent idiocy if I try. And while we're on the subject, you're jealous of the fact that I actually have brains, huh? Yeah, I also know we've got a spare--stop being a baby about it, Junrei!--but I'm sure not giving you any head, imbeciles! Take THAT, and THAT, STAY over there, and HAVE your little undead puppy too ...

... pardon us, sirs. My name is Shuko, and I apologize for my sisters' regrettably crude behavior. You may certainly rest assured that we will not, ah, what is the term? 'Triple-team' you fine, shambling, slightly unhinged fellows. Oh my. I do believe you were only doing your jobs, and you can hardly be faulted for performing them impeccably! Won't you come a little closer, and take a seat on some of that rock's less suggestive outcroppings? I'm sure we can have a proper discussion, and perhaps come to some more ... mm ... palatable understanding of this place.

Never fear: despite anything Kanan might say, I promise you I am strictly vegetarian. ♥


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